Here’s my pawsome story!!

I was born on March 23rd, 2016 and immediately stood out to my pawrents because of my unique single eyebrow! I quickly became popular on social media due to my crazy name and super cute face! I love all of my friends and followers and promise to always deliver you your daily dose of Christmas cheer!!

I Love

I am a certified stick saver and donut lover! I enjoy bringing sticks inside to my custom built dog house and I’m always down for a sweet snack which is then of course followed by….a nap!

Every day

I’m pretty sure Noggy Claus can deliver in the Christmas department all….year….long!!!¬†Ever since arriving home in what we now call Nogginland, my family’s days have been nothing but merry and bright! Follow my fun filled festivities @eggnogthebulldog and I promise to make your every day, as exciting as Christmas morning!!!

Welcome to

Welcome to my humble abode! My pawsome Dad custom built me not one but TWO amazing dog houses in our home! Both my Nog House and Ramp House have been featured on several social media platforms worldwide! Needless to say, I may just be a little bit spoiled….or should I say….well loved!

My Family

I live in Nogginland with my Mom and sister Igloo!  Igloo lives up to her name, with her frosty attitude and tough exterior. She is full of energy and can be as unpredictable as a snow storm! We are the perfect little festive family and love sharing our daily adventures with all of you! Follow us @eggnogthebulldog